Art Saved Me

What happens behind the scenes, moments before going onto the runway, introspection before facing the public, fears, personal conflicts… all are captured by Antonio Hernández’s lens in dressing rooms, an exposition that puts aside superficial beauty and aims to discover individual mysteries.
Even when theatrical nuance marks the pictures, the young Cuban prefers to give way to spontaneity and show a more humanistic, sensitive and comprehensive view of the art of modeling, sometimes seen as a bit frivolous.
The restless creator does not follow the woman of the stages, but rather goes in search of the one who walks the streets, who carries the weight of the years and the hardness of life, who has a different kind of stage at home, with other characters and scripts.
Here a journey surges into the past, the feelings and desires of Nelsa, who represents any elderly woman from a city, a country, a continent …read full article

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